Sunday, 11 December 2011


qcow stands for "QEMU Copy On Write" and denotes a deejay accumulator access action that delays allocation of accumulator until it is absolutely needed. QEMU is an adversary and basic apparatus container, and it can use a array of basic deejay images which are about associated with specific guests operating systems. The set of accessible deejay angel formats accept frequently accustomed abbreviate names:

vvfat - Basic VFAT

vpc - Windows Basic PC

bochs - Bochs book system

dmg - Macintosh deejay image

cloop - Linux aeroembolism loop

vmdk - VMware basic apparatus deejay format

qcow - QEMU Copy-on-write

qcow2 - QEMU Copy-on-write (new in adaptation 0.9)

raw - Raw book arrangement (no appropriate format)

cow - User-mode Linux copy-on-write

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